Another day, another idiotic take from Diego Maradona. He may be one of the best strikers to have ever played the beautiful game, but the the Argentine soccer legend has developed quite the track record of unfortunate antics. Naturally, with the World Cup commanding everyone's attention, it only makes sense that the dude is back in the spotlight and making his mark. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it only took a couple of days for Maradona to make headlines with some pretty unfortunate moves. Not only did he allegedly make a racist gesture to a South Korean fan in the crowd, but the 57-year-old went on national television and pissed off loyal football supporters across Canada. In an interview with Latin American network, TeleSUR, Maradona bashed FIFA's recent decision to award the 2026 World Cup to U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

“I don’t like it,” Maradona began. “Mexico doesn’t deserve it... The Mexicans come up against Brazil or Germany and boom they’re out.” Despite the nation's lack of success at the world stage, it's worth noting that Mexico defeated the German side today in their group opener. As for Canada and the U.S., Maradona continues his streak of not holding back. “The Canadians may be good skiers, and the Americans wanted to have four periods of 25 (minutes) for the advertising”.

You can watch his entire hot take below via TeleSUR's official YouTube channel.