On Wednesday, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins--who has been vocal in his opposition to a White House "photo op" for months--took a new approach by holding up some signs at his locker rather than speaking to the media.

The whole thing was captured by The Athletic's Sheil Kapadia:

Trying to read signs off of Twitter footage isn't always the easiest thing, so here's a bigger screen via NJ.com:

In addition to that, Jenkins posted the messages to his own account. He started off by writing "You Aren't Listening" prior to posting statistics on the school-to-prison pipeline, and also the percentage of black people that are shot by police:

He also had posterboards listing off NFL players, whom he referred to as "True Patriots." He then singled out praise for Colin Kaepernick, teammate Chris Long, and tight end Ben Watson:

Jenkins had been one of the leaders of the Super Bowl winning Eagles squad, who had their visit to the White House pulled back after it became clear they weren't going to attend (not that they missed much). On Tuesday, Jenkins responded to that decision on social media:

Both Jenkins and retired wide receiver Anquan Boldin discussed community-police relations when they visited Congress back in 2017.