In the summer of 2017, during a promotional tour for Anta—the shoe and apparel company he endorses—Klay Thompson transformed into "China Klay." Now, during another go-round in China, that beloved character is back.

Thompson had promised China Klay was on the way.

ICYMI on our IG, "This is your #ChinaKlay. I'm on the way." 🇨🇳😎


(🎥: via Weibo/Hupu)

— LetsGoWarriors👌💛💙 (@LetsGoWarriors) June 23, 2018

He hasn't disappointed, providing consistent entertainment throughout the trip. For starters, a girl absolutely smoked him in Pop-a-Shot. Who could compete with her? This girl is a legend.

#ChinaKlay getting destroyed in pop-a-shot 😂

[via @nmwitherill/IG]

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) June 26, 2018

He did some drumming.

You may think tonight you're having more fun than #ChinaKlay, but it's not even 4p over there for him 🥁

(🎥: Weibo)

— LetsGoWarriors👌💛💙 (@LetsGoWarriors) June 24, 2018

He went in on a bowl of noodles, enjoying them so much that he picked one up off the table.

#ChinaKlay is back 😂😂😂 (via titm5/Reddit)

— SLAM Magazine (@SLAMonline) June 25, 2018

And, naturally, there has been plenty of dancing.

Some additional footage of #ChinaKlay dancing the other night has been unearthed... 🕺🏻

— LetsGoWarriors👌💛💙 (@LetsGoWarriors) June 25, 2018

Out in China all week for Klay Thompson’s latest Anta tour.

Of course he hosted a freestyle band contest for his “Shock The Game” campaign.#ChinaKlay back in full effect...

— Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) June 26, 2018

Thompson is beloved in China.

Day 1 - Beijing #ChinaKlay #klaythompson @warriors @LetsGoWarriors (1/3)

— emlary (@emlary) June 23, 2018

Klay is celebrating his third title in four years, and clearly he is living his best life. May China Klay live forever.