Cavaliers fans heckled Kevin Durant after the Golden State Warriors took the lead NBA finals on Wednesday night, outside the team hotel, per TMZ.

The Cavs fans shouted phrases like, “You suck” and “Where LeBron at?” Then someone added, “KD, UT’s butt” while he was walking into the Ritz-Carlton.

While it looked like KD didn’t mind at first, he didn’t like his alma mater being called ‘butt.’ When he heard that, he paused and looked ready to throw hands. A team official had to stop Durant—nothing ended up happening.

Durant went to the University of Texas, and you could call the school "butt," since in 2017, it came in at 9th in the BIG 12.

Durant hasn't just been helping out on the court though. Earlier this week, he shocked kids he’s mentored from the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula in Menlo Park, California by offering to pay for the first year of their college tuition. Some of them are the first in their families to go to college.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the Durant has donated more than $13 million to community causes this year.