It looks like Diddy won’t be buying the Carolina Panthers after all. In a new interview with BigBoyTV, the business mogul explained that he is no longer interested in stepping into the NFL business.

“I really wanted to go in there and be a part of the NFL, and try and be a positive change. This last move ... I don’t even want to own an NFL team no more,” Diddy said, referring to the NFL’s new policy of fining players who kneel during the national anthem. The multi-hyphenate goes on to explain why. “I don’t want to be associated with oppressing black men," he said. "I don’t want to be associated with telling grown ass men what they can and can’t do.”

Diddy once shared his dream of owning the entire league, but it looks like he’ll be shifting his focus to greener turf, like conquering the art world, for the time being. 

“To all my brother that are out there, I got y’all back,” he continued. “My feelings are hurt. Because I’m such an NFL fan, and I hope they do what they have to do to fix it, and I hope they re-engage my dream to want to do that.”

Diddy also shared his opinion on the Pusha-T vs. Drake beef, reiterating what he told The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning. “I respected it,” he said, referring to Drake’s decision not to respond to “The Story of Adidon.” He then referenced 2Pac’s scathing diss track “Hit ‘Em Up” aimed at Biggie. “When we got hit with ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ I had to make the call to Biggie and I said ‘we not gonna respond.’”

Listen to Diddy’s full interview in the video above.