Over the past 24 hours or so, LeBron James has been getting praise for the supposedly photographic memory he displayed during the postgame presser after the Celtics creamed the Cavs in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. In that presser LeBron recalled, in detail, a sequence that allowed Boston to pull away in the fourth quarter of Sunday afternoon's contest:

While it is an impressive display to the layman, Warriors coach Steve Kerr did not appear to be equally wowed by LeBron's recollection. We know this because he was asked about it during a pregame chat with the media on Monday:

"No, not for a great player. I think great players remember everything. It’s like a quarterback," said the Warriors' coach. “Draymond [Green] would be the same way," Kerr continued. "We’ll be watching tape of a game from, we played Houston in December or something, and guys will be like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that. This is what happened next.’ I don’t think it’s that rare. But the best players generally remember the most and have the sharpest memories."

As for Draymond, he actually parted with his coach by stating that James should've gotten a standing ovation for his answer.

"He should've gotten more than [an applause]," Green said. "He should've gotten a standing ovation."

He also added to Kerr's comments by saying "At times I watch a ton of film [...] At times I don't watch any. Then I can remember what went wrong on any given play. But nonetheless, that was impressive."

Kind of getting mixed messages here.