Le'Veon Bell’s rap career is still going strong. In his new song “Target,” released on Saturday, the Steelers running back responds to critics who have “targeted” him over contract disputes with Pittsburgh.  

In the single, Bell argues that he’s not the “bad guy” he appears to be as he negotiates a long-term deal with the Steelers.

"So they put me on the tag, alright/Definitely not going to trip like I that bad guy," Bell raps. "Wonder why they treat me like the bad guy/You say I ain't the best, but that's a bad lie."

On ”Target,” Bell also responds to comments related to his lack of participation in the Steelers' offseason program and organized team activities. The song references criticism over Bell’s tendency to skip out on team workouts and walkthroughs, as well as his two previous drug-related suspensions.

Bell points out that he never failed a drug test or violated NFL’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. Instead, his 2016 three-game suspension came from missed drug tests, and his 2015 three-game suspension came from a marijuana possession DUI arrest from 2014. "You think if I sat out, I'd be sluggish/You think they won't pay me 'cause a drug test/Fun fact, I ain't never failed one, that's on me/You so worried 'bout the weed, what 'bout those PEDs,” he raps.

Eric Dickerson, former Rams running back and Hall of Famer, previously called Bell the best running back in the NFL. According to CBS Sports, he’s ranked No. 5 in total value among all running backs last season. More than anything, this track underlines Bell’s desire to get paid what he feels he deserves.

Bell will earn a $14.5 million tag this year from the Steelers unless he reaches a long-term deal with the team by July 16. According to ESPN, he won’t agree to a long-term deal unless it averages $14.5 million annually.