Back in 2009, Shaquille O’Neal boxed Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya for a taping of his old show Shaq Vs., where  he attempted to beat athletes and other performers on their own turf. TMZ Sports decided to prod Shaq about the legendary match up almost a decade later, where he explained that he “held back” on De La Hoya because “he was my friend.” Watch video of the match up De La Hoya won below. 

But not everyone was so lucky. Shaq advised the camera man to go back and watch a video of him in the ring with the great Sugar Shane Mosley, where he “turned it up a little.”  

TMZ couldn’t leave Shaq without asking him about Charles Barkley’s horrible pitching skills that he showed off once again during TNT's coverage of Game 1 of the Rockets-Warriors series last week. “Charles throws like he play,” O’Neal replied with a smirk. “Like a girl.”

Thus continues the never ending petty back-and-forth between Shaq and Barkley. On Inside the NBA earlier this month, the two got into a tiff when Barkley accused O’Neal of being carried up and down the court by Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant, to which Shaq responded a simple "Google me, Chuck," while pointing to his four rings and three Finals MVPs.