The New York Yankees were forced to spend Wednesday night at Dulles International Airport in Virginia following what the team’s general manager Brian Cashman referred to as a “perfect storm of a series of events,” according to the New York Post.

The Yankees tried catching an early flight to Kansas City after their game against the Washington Nationals was postponed due to inclement weather. However, a slew of issues ranging from mechanical problems with their charter plane to aviation rules that limit how long crews can work in one shift led to them staying in town for another night. Then, another problem arose. All the nearby hotels were booked up. The Yanks were forced to rough it at the airport. Their overnight stay wound up lasting 12 hours. 

When the Yankees finally made it to Kansas City by late Thursday morning, they were greeted by an all too familiar forecast that included rain on Saturday.

With an MLB-best record of 28-12, the Yankees will need a lot more than rain to put a damper on their hot early season start. The Yanks will make up their suspended game against the Nationals on June 18.