LeBron James is pretty confused as to why his team is getting one-day breaks in-between games during the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors.

Cleveland and Toronto will face off for Game 2 tonight at 6 p.m. ET after a surprising overtime win for LeBron and his teammates on Tuesday night. That said, these two teams will only find a single day’s rest between every game no matter how deep the series goes While you may think it’s odd that teams of this caliber, in a series as important as this, are getting a bare minimum break between games—you’re not the only one. King James feels the same.

When asked about how he maintains his energy during games, LeBron’s answer revealed some on-court strategy. “It’s just about picking your spots and having teammates out there that can take a few possessions for you offensively,” he said. As for ensuring energy levels don’t drastically drop between games, LeBron—who recently admitted he's "burnt" after the seven-game series against the Pacers—immediately voiced his curiosity regarding the saturated schedule.

“It’s kinda weird we’re the only series that does not get two days in between games,” said LeBron. “That’s kinda weird. But that’s why I’m gonna get as efficient with my energy as possible in between days. I was able to get a lot of rest yesterday, and I look forward to the challenge tonight.”