LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 87-79 win against the Boston Celtics on Sunday night (May 27) to clinch the Eastern Conference Finals, and it also counts as LeBron's eighth straight NBA Finals appearance. Not long after the game, fans took a moment to reconsider the greatest of all-time conversation between Michael Jordan and LeBron, but Kobe Bryant was quick to downplay the debate, chiming in on Twitter with both a congratulations and a message for those always comparing the greats.

Initially posting a tweet offering applause in regards to LeBron's impressive performance during the game, Kobe followed up with another tweet: "We can enjoy one without tearing down one. I love what he's doing. Don't debate what can't be definitively won by anyone."

It's certainly a more rational way to approach the conversation, but who are we kidding? These debates will continue no matter what. And for what it's worth, Kobe included his name in the running with the hashtag #enjoymy5.

The Cavs will take on either the Houston Rockets or the Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA Finals; those teams play Game 7 tonight in Houston.

The NBA Finals kick off Thursday (May 31) with the winner of the Western Conference Finals series receiving home court advantage against the Cavs.