Kevin Durant is a huge fan of Showtime's Billions. Late last year, he told Bill Simmons he's trying to get on the show.

When a player as gifted as Durant speaks, the world listens. Thus, Durant's wish recently came to fruition—he made a cameo on the hit show.

Though getting a guest spot on your favorite TV show may seem like a dream come true—and it probably was for Durant—that doesn't mean it's everyone's dream. It's definitely not the dream of Durant's Warriors teammate Klay Thompson, who made it clear he tries to avoid the spotlight as much as possible.

Having spent a day with Klay during a promotional shoot this fall, I can confirm he's not a huge fan of cameras—though he does perfectly fine in front of them.

Golden State dominated in Game 3 Sunday, earning a 126-85 win to take a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals. Durant had 25 points, six assists, and six rebounds. Klay had a relatively quiet night, totaling 13 points. Steph Curry stole the show with a 35-point, six-rebound outing that had him a little too fired up.