It may seem like forever ago, but back in September, Kevin Durant was found out to be using a Twitter burner account to address people who criticized him. No matter how much Durant would like to move past that situation, it’s quite possible that his name will always be synonymous with athletes having a burner account. Here’s Exhibit A:

On Wednesday, ESPN’s Chris Haynes caught up with Durant to see if he had any response to The Ringer piece which alleges that Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations and general manager Bryan Colangelo was running multiple fake Twitter accounts to divulge sensitive information about his team, criticize his own players, etc. KD didn’t want to touch that story with a ten-foot pole. “I ain’t got nothing to say about that,” he said. “It ain’t got sh— to do with me.”

Much like the way the Durant story unfolded, Colangelo is denying that four of the Twitter accounts have anything to do with him. Colangelo recently told Yahoo Sports' Jordan Schultz that someone is out to get him.

Durant fought the good fight, but eventually admitted that the account belonged to him

It's quite possible that this Colangelo story will take that same path.