With the Cavs putting the Celtics away in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals Sunday, Jayson Tatum can now step back and reflect on his incredible rookie season. Currently at a Duke basketball camp, he took some time to chat with ESPN's Get Up crew Thursday morning.

Early in the interview, Mike Greenberg asked Tatum what it was like to dunk on LeBron James. Tatum said it "felt pretty good" because he grew up idolizing LeBron.

He also shared that after Game 7, when he and LeBron embraced, King James told him he had next as one of the NBA's biggest stars.

At the 4:36 mark, Jay Williams asked Tatum if the young Celtic thought Williams was crazy for picking the Cavs in seven games in the NBA Finals. Tatum's reaction was incredible.

"You said the Cavs?" he responded, clearly surprised. "Uh...I mean, this is the NBA, anything can happen. But yeah, I gotta take Golden State. I don't know how many games, but I think they got home-court advantage, it's tough. They got so many weapons, how they move the ball, how they defend. I mean, it's not gonna be an easy series when you got the best player in the world on the other team, but I got Golden State."

The interview ended on an awesome note, as Williams challenged Tatum to spell "Krzyzewski." Tatum failed immediately, starting with K-y.

"I call him coach K," he added.

Game 1 of the Finals will tip Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.