Here's an interesting hypothetical: What if the Cavs hadn't sent Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers at the trade deadline? Would they still have qualified for the NBA Finals?

The Cavs needed to do something—that much was clear. The team was falling apart. But what if Thomas hadn't been a part of the their crazy bundle of trade deadline transactions?

Thomas brought that question to mind with a timely #TBT on Instagram as the NBA Finals are set to commence Thursday. He shared a photo from his brief stint with the Cavs alongside former teammates LeBron James and J.R. Smith.

It seems he's cheering for his former squad. The comments, as you'd expect, were incredible. Rudy Gay told Thomas to "go to sleep," and Swish seemed to get a laugh out of the post.

Thomas may be hoping for a ring.

The NBA Finals kick off Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, with Thomas' former team heading on the road to take on the favored Warriors at Oracle Arena.