On Monday, Google search messed up just a bit by listing Shaquille O'Neal as the fifth member of *NSYNC, momentarily kicking out Joey Fatone from the lineup. 

It also extended to Googling Shaq's name. Note that quick synopsis, particularly his height, and also his spouse:

Shaq Google info
Image via Twitter

Maybe this is a response to Shaq telling Charles Barkley to "Google me." 

Additionally, in what appears to be a bizarre coincidence, Lance Bass told TMZ that the band actually gives Shaq some credit for launching their careers.

In a quote that seems to be serious, Bass said: "We lived in Orlando and our first place that we recorded was his house ... so all of our first demos, our first songs were all from Shaq's house." Bass stated that Shaq let them record there because he knew someone at the label. Check out the clip for yourself. 

That fact will do absolutely nothing for you in life. But it doesn't hurt to know it.

Google wasn't the only place that Shaq was included as a member of the group. Wikipedia also added the former basketball player to the band's roster.