Former NBA All-Star Chris Bosh will head into Mother’s Day in a potential legal battle with his mother over the rights to a DeSoto, Texas home she claims Bosh bought her. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Bosh had Freida Bosh sign documents related to the deed of the home in 2005.

Freida Bosh alleges that those documents transferred sole ownership of the property to Chris despite his promise that she could stay in the home for the rest of her life.

“This is a home my son and I built together about 12 years ago,” Freida Bosh told TMZ during a 2017 interview related to the dispute. “Chris is evicting me from my home as we speak.”

Freida Bosh’s comments on the eviction appear in the video above at the 30-second mark.

The case hinges on her claim that her son misrepresented the documents she signed to transfer ownership of the home. She is seeking a void of the transfer, ownership of the home, and unspecified damages. Chris Bosh is demanding the case be thrown out.

The same Desoto residence was the subject of a 2017 investigation that concluded with Freida Bosh and Johnathan Brown facing charges of exploitation of a disabled person. Local police raided the property while executing a search warrant and found large amounts of drug paraphernalia. In that case, police alleged that Freida and Brown ordered a disabled man to pay rent for himself as Brown used a portion of his disability check.

In October 2017, a Texas judge initially ruled in Chris Bosh’s favor to have Freida evicted from the property. Freida appealed and was allowed to stay at the property because the notice demanding Freida leave the property didn’t meet certain requirements of the Texas property code.

Chris Bosh played 13 seasons in the NBA, winning two titles with the Miami Heat before being waived in 2017 due to what doctors deemed career-ending medical issues.