Even by today's media standards the LeBron James content is heavy on Monday. Yeesh. Guess that's what happens when you clinch your eighth straight NBA Finals appearance.

Anyway, the upside to rooting for a team that LeBron James plays for is that you're always still emotionally invested in June. While other markets are looking forward to the draft, you're pumped for the Finals. 

Unfortunately, the downside is that people are constantly talking about future offers that are going to be made by teams looking to sign him, even when he's still, you know, playing in the damn championship. It's like talking about who you're going to date when you're still in a relationship.

On that note, rising Sixers star Ben Simmons was ambushed by TMZ at LAX airport, and it was there that he was asked about those rumors that have LeBron going to Philadelphia. Simmons confirmed that he was open to the idea of having James join the team, while also ominously stating that there's "only one way" to find out if they could work together. And though he seemed slightly annoyed when he said those two things, that's likely a product of being peppered with questions while he was trying to go about his day. You can watch the interaction below: 

It's probably worth noting that he wasn't going to say "No, I don't want to share the fucking ball with LeBron," even if he was caught off-guard.