Paul Pierce hails from Oakland, California. Baron Davis is from Los Angeles. Given their close hometown ties, it would be understandable that there would be some sort of competitive spirit constantly flowing through their veins. However, when they sat down with Complex News’ Speedy Morman, the two couldn’t be more complimentary towards one another.

After Davis admittedly fought off nearly having a heart attack and crying on the inside when hearing the praise heaped onto him by Pierce, he returned the favor... and then some.

“He has had a career that is going to be hard for anybody from our city, or just anybody period, to duplicate,” Davis said when asked about Pierce’s impact on the game of basketball. “When you talk about the greatest players in the world, the greatest people to ever touch the court, and to do something in our game, you gotta mention The Truth.”

When looking at Pierce's progression through the years in the game of basketball—dating back to his high school days—Davis can't help but make the claim that The Truth deserves to be in the discussion of the best basketball players to come from Los Angeles, and he's arguably established himself as the city's top talent. Of course, that’s all up for debate, and we’ll leave that up to you.

Check out the full interview above, where Davis and Pierce also talk about their partnership with Bengay for the "Sore Winners" campaign.