ESPN’s Jay Williams put the same energy that sometimes yields classic pop culture tributes and nasty intra-network beefs into an April Fool’s Day prank directed at his colleague Nicole Briscoe on Sunday. During a segment about the University of Michigan ending Loyola’s Cinderella run, Williams tricked Briscoe into believing his in-ear monitor was malfunctioning during a remote Q&A.

As Briscoe asked about Michigan, Williams stoically stared ahead, as if he never heard the question.

“I’m sorry Nicole, what did you say?” Williams asked.

Williams baited Briscoe into repeating her question nearly three times before finally breaking.

“That’s April Fool’s, Nicole,” Williams joked.

Briscoe doubled over before getting up from the anchor desk, as the cameras kept rolling.

“You got me," Briscoe replied. “I’ve got nothing. You’re dead to me. Just go ahead.”

Williams said the prank was revenge for Briscoe calling him old during a similar segment on Saturday. Unlike Tony Kornheiser’s mean-spirited 2014 verbal assault on fellow ESPN personality Hannah Storm’s wardrobe, the exchange between Williams and Briscoe appeared to be all in good fun.

Briscoe took her April Fool’s Day L in stride on Twitter after the segment aired.

“I. Got. Had.” Briscoe tweeted while tagging Williams.

You can view the full segment above, courtesy of ESPN.