WWE will host the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia Friday (April 27)—due to the area's culture, however, no women wrestlers will participate. Big names like WWE newcomer Ronda Rousey will be absent.

The wrestling organization has received criticism for proceeding with the event without its female talent, but Paul "Triple H" Levesque, the organization's Vice President of Live Events and Creative, says the WWE is justified.

"I understand that people are questioning it, but you have to understand that every culture is different and just because you don't agree with a certain aspect of it, it doesn't mean it's not a relevant culture," Triple H said, according to The Independent. "You can't dictate to a country or a religion about how they handle things but, having said that, WWE is at the forefront of a women's evolution in the world and what you can't do is affect change anywhere by staying away from it."

Men and families are permitted to attend the show; women may only enter if they are accompanied by a man. Triple H, however, believes women will be able to participate in the event in the future.

"While, right now, women are not competing in the event, we have had discussions about that and we believe and hope that, in the next few years they will be," Triple H said. "That is a significant cultural shift in Saudi Arabia. The country is in the middle of a shift in how it is dealing with that—the position is changing, and rights are changing, as are the way women are handled and treated in society. We think that's a great thing and we're excited to be at the forefront of that change."

The WWE recently hosted its first match with women competing in Abu Dhabi.

A 50-man Royal Rumble match, the largest of its kind in WWE history, will take place at the Greatest Royal Rumble. The event, which starts at noon, will air live on WWE Network.