In an effort to reel in more casual fans for the NHL playoffs, the hockey powers that be enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg to explain the sport in a video series called "Hockey 101 with Snoop Dogg." We talked about it last week.

In the first episode, Snoop got into the history of the Stanley Cup, which he referred to as the most iconic trophy in sports, and then broke down the Cup's tradition/superstitions.

On Wednesday, the league dropped the second video where Snoop, who is temporarily going by "Dogg Cherry" or "The 99+2 - The Greater One," got into hockey slang, which would seem to be particularly practical to casual fans.

“The five-hole is the space between the goalie’s legs,” he explains. “Going five-hole sounds dirty, but it just means scoring in the most humiliating way possible.” Snoop then proceeds to go A to Z (apple is an assist, biscuit is the puck, chiclets are teeth, and so on). Honestly, I could actually see how this would be pretty helpful.

NHL executive vice president Steve Mayer previously explained to Deadline where the idea to utilize Snoop came from, saying that the league realized what a good partner he would make after watching him interact with players at the 2017 All-Star Game.

"One of the things we noticed when Snoop came to our All-Star game a couple years ago in Los Angeles was not only is he Snoop and everybody loves him, but he really loves hockey," Mayer said. "He knows the players, he knows the game, and we started talking back then about how he feels like he can help promote the game."

You can count on at least a few more of these types of videos being released throughout the postseason.