Old habits apparently die hard.

According to TMZ Sports, Pete Rose's wife, Carol (whom he reportedly remains married to despite divorce documents being filed all the way back in 2011) has alleged that the 17-time All-Star blows the massive amount of money he makes signing autographs (which is also alleged) on high stakes gambling binges. She also alleges that he has racked up "significant" debts with casinos and the IRS as a result.

This revelation comes after Carol filed new divorce documents in the hopes that Pete would be forced to reveal his financial situation so that the two could come to a quicker resolution and hasten their divorce. The couple married in 1984. 

Carol contends that Pete makes a minimum of $100,000 per month via daily autograph sessions (wow), but that he blows a great deal of it gambling.

Rose, of course, is Major League Baseball's all-time hit leader, with 4,256. However, he is also, of course, not in the Hall of Fame due to a 1989 ban that was given to him after he was accused of betting on baseball while he was the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. In 2007, Rose copped to betting on games when he was Cincy's manager during an ESPN interview. His application to be reinstated to MLB was denied by current commissioner Rob Manfred back in 2015.