It's become an annual tradition: on NBA Draft night, Adrian Wojnarowski tweets out the top picks before they're announced on TV. Well, either Woj has the news, or Yahoo!'s Shams Charania does—but either way, the picks show up on Twitter before they're broadcast on TV.

Wednesday afternoon, the NBA held the inaugural draft for its new NBA 2K League in New York City. This eSports league had a lottery just like the real draft, and the Mavericks ended up with the top pick.

Before NBA commissioner Adam Silver made it to the podium to announce the Mavericks' pick, however, Woj scooped the news on Twitter—because of course he did.

The new draftee will receive a contract comparable to that of a G League player.

All players went by their gamer names. The Celtics picked someone named "Fab."

Some of the players rolled up in style.

This scoop was just a subtle flex by the G.O.A.T. news-breaker. Nothing gets by Woj.