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In an effort to get casual fans hooked on playoff hockey, the NHL has enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg.

According to Deadline, Snoop will present tutorials in which he explains the league's rules in his own unique way.

The videos (titled "Snoop 101") will try to educate those who might not know what the hell is going on, but also want to engage in revelry or whatever. The first one went live on Wednesday afternoon via the league's social media account, as well as on

Here's a teaser for you:

Deadline notes that the seeds for this particular promotion were planted last season.

"One of the things we noticed when Snoop came to our All-Star game a couple years ago in Los Angeles was not only is he Snoop and everybody loves him, but he really loves hockey," said the league's executive vice president Steve Mayer. “He knows the players, he knows the game, and we started talking back then about how he feels like he can help promote the game."

Mayer did add that the info is probably already well known, but it will (hopefully) be worth watching anyway.

"[It's] entertainment for the avid. There are things that people will see in these pieces that they’ll go, ‘Ah, I knew that’ — but the way Snoop tells you about it is entertaining,” he said. "And by the way, when you finish watching his piece on offside, you’re gonna know what offside is."

He also added that another clip would focus on "the words that are unique to the NHL and the sport that only when Snoop says it in his own way make it entertaining and educational. … We’re very excited and we’re very interested to hear the feedback once they start coming out."