The Palm Beach Post is reporting that members of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas football team (as well as family members of assistant coach Aaron Feis, who was shot and killed during the February 14 Parkland, FL massacre in which 16 other people were also killed) will help announce the Dolphins' draft picks on the annual event's third and final day, which is Saturday, April 28.

Miami holds five picks on that day, between the 123rd and 229th overall selections.

The move keeps in line with the league's recent-ish tradition of allowing teams to pick who represents their organization on the draft's second and third days, after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reads off the first round selections.

Back in February, the Dolphins donated $100,000 to the Stoneman Douglas Community, with the team's coaches pitching in an extra $17,500 to Feis’ family.

In addition to that, several players on the team have visited survivors, as have members of the Miami Heat, Marlins, and Florida Panthers.

The Palm Beach Post also reports that players of the Miami Dolphins will be wearing Stoneman Douglas shirts during the offseason program's start.