Amateur rapper and professional basketball player Lonzo Ball has been taking shots at Nas for a while now, having previously said, "Don't nobody listen to Nas anymore." Needless to say, his comments ruffled a few feathers at the time. Critics haven't been quick to forget about his comments, either, and with a new Kanye West-produced Nas album reportedly on the way in June, fellow Lakers player Kyle Kuzma has a challenge for Ball.

Taking to Twitter, Kyle proposed something to Ball, saying, "Hey @ZO2_ Nas is dropping his album June 15th... make one by that time and let's see who is better... America do you want to see this?" Lonzo, who released his debut rap album Born 2 Ball in February, has yet to respond, but with it giving him another chance to diss Nas, it won't be long before he says something that gets people riled up.

The news of a new Nas album coming so soon caught most of Twitter by surprise last night, with Kanye announcing the news after reiterating the release dates for all the other projects he's announced in the past week or so.

The beef between Nas and Ball has been pretty one-sided up until this point, with Lonzo taking cheap shots while expressing his love for Migos and Future. However, Nas hasn't been one to shy away from beefs in the past, so he could very well finally respond on his forthcoming album. He could also continue to ignore him, though, perhaps considering him not worthy of a response.