The families of Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Jesus Macias, two men who died along with former Marlins star José Fernández in a September 2016 boat crash, previously filed a civil lawsuit against the late pitcher's estate seeking $2 million each in damages.

Now the lawyer representing that estate (Ralph Fernandez, who is unrelated to José) is claiming the ex-Marlin and one of his passengers were drugged, and also that José was "framed" prior to the fatal crash.

Ralph stated José was carrying $15,000 in a backpack during that night and was, thus, the target of thieves. He further alleges José and Rivero were "unwitting recipients of a spiked drink or a mickey of sorts," that was provided to them in an effort to make them disoriented and easy to steal from.

Investigators said Fernández had cocaine and alcohol in his system during the time of the crash. In fact his blood-alcohol level was .147, nearly double the legal limit of .08. However his attorney claims there was no evidence of drug residue or paraphernalia at the scene (feel free to consider if that actually supports his theory or not).

Ralph also said investigators didn't consider the possibility José was not driving during the crash, and therefore the attorney reasoned he was, in fact, "framed." Worth noting is that the boat belonged to the late pitcher. TMZ points out that the attorney went on to claim the inquiry conducted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was blown by investigators he deemed "inexperienced." Because of that, he reasoned, "Like a house of cards, this whole case is compromised."

You can read Fernandez's allegations in a 167-page document, should you want to do that for whatever reason, below: