Joel Embiid’s recovery following the orbital bone fracture he suffered after colliding with teammate Markelle Fultz during a game against the Knicks last month has been slow. He’s been keen to get back on the court, even sporting a crazy new mask in order to do so safely, but he’s been frustrated by how slowly he’s been allowed to really get back in the game. However, according to a new report from Keith Pompey of the Philly Inquirer explains why the 76ers are being so cautious with their all-star player.

Embiid is listed as doubtful for Game 3 against the Miami Heat on Thursday night, and if he misses it, it’ll be the 11th game Embiid has sat out since his injury. Plus, he missed all but 31 games last season also due to injury. No matter how “fucking sick and tired of being babied” Embiid is, it sounds like there’s real danger in letting him play. Pompey argues that since “Miami is a physical team” and the current state of the NBA has players “throwing elbows” like it’s “just a part of the game, a shot to the left side of Embiid’s face could do major damage.”

“A source said a forceful blow to the orbital bone could even permanently damage the sight in his left eye,” Pompey wrote.

Plus, it would be Embiid’s second eye injury. In 2014, when he was a freshman at the University of Kansas, he was again hit by a teammate, Hunter Mickelson, during practice and played that week’s game wearing goggles.

As things stand, then, it seems both Embiid and fans alike ought to wait for a green light from doctors. Embiid might be frustrated, but on the bright side, this will just give him more time to flirt with Rihanna.