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“Boxing is all glitz and glam when you see it on the TV, but when you’re behind the scenes, this is what it’s really about.” 

The 66”, 17st 4lbs man affirming this message can barely fit up the narrow stairwells at the back of York Hall’s old, wooden interior, where we usher him into the same, modest changing rooms that he prepared in before the early fights of his now-dominant professional boxing career.

Despite a man of his stature being sandwiched into a room he pretty much fills up by himself, it’s a fitting place to reflect on how Anthony Joshua got to this point in his career. The spiritual home of British boxing, York Hall hosted many of AJ’s early fights and it’s a far cry from the pyro-technics and record-breaking crowds that pack out arenas nowadays, watching him add belts to his collection at venues such as Cardiff and Wembley.