Former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in a child abuse case. According to TMZ, the case relates to a June 2017 incident in which the ex-NFL player allegedly punched his 15-year old daughter in the face. 

Green was arrested in Wisconsin and charged with disorderly conduct and child abuse. Although he admitted to pushing his daughter after she refused to do the dishes, he stood by the claim that he did not punch her or retaliate with any form of child abuse. Ultimately, it was agreed upon that Green accept an Alford Plea deal for two lesser charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damages. 

The 41-year old former football player will not face jail time, but will instead receive 18 months of probation along with fines, be required to take an anger management class, and also have to pen an apology letter to his daughter. He will also not be allowed unsupervised contact with her. Green posted an official statement on Twitter.

"I have never and would never abuse anyone, including my daughter whom I love, dearly," he said. "While I have no doubt in my mind that I would have been successful in front of a jury of my peers in defending myself against all charges, even the two minor charges to which I have entered a no-contest plea, I decided as a father that I did not want to put my daughter, and the rest of my family, through the emotional trauma of a trial."