Following the Raptors' taking a 2-0 series lead over the Wizards, Drake made the mistake that many a sports fan before him has made, which is that he got cocky (what the hell was the point of all those 'blew a 3-1 lead' jokes if no one learned anything?!) Well, at least according to John Wall he did.

As Wall puts it, the A-list Toronto super fan told him that the Raptors (who double as the top seed in the East) would sweep the Wizards after grabbing Games 1 and 2 in Canada. As you know by now (maybe) Washington has since come back to tie up the series at a pair of games apiece.

Game 5 will take place on Wednesday night in Toronto.

When asked if he was looking forward to seeing Drizzy (who doubles as a good friend of his) sitting court-side for Game 5, Wall responded in the affirmative.

"Yeah, you know I am. For sure [looking forward to it]," he said. "I told him to be here for Game 3. He told me he was going to be here. He didn't show up. He told me we were getting swept. He said he had the broom for us."

Asked for his response to Drake's sweep comments, Wall stated that his team at least defended their home court.

"My reaction is, we did what we were supposed to do; we came home and won two games," he said. "My arguments with him ain't really about the game of basketball -- we just be out there having fun. But at the same time, we [have] a focus that we are trying to go in there and win Game 5. I want him to know that they weren't going to sweep us."

He also said he couldn't listen to Drake's music at the moment.

Earlier in the series, Drake was captured talking shit to both Wall and Kelly Oubre Jr. (who's also Drake's friend. Drake's got a lot of friends) during Game 2.

"That's my guy though," Oubre said when asked about Drake calling him a "bum." "I see him in the summertime all the time ... we pretty much run the streets of L.A. together, on the A-list tip, not in the 'hood way. He is a great rapper ... I have no beef with him."

Win in 6 and you can still talk trash.