Last month, the WWE cleared Daniel Bryan to return to the ring for the first time in three years after formally retiring from wrestling in February 2016 due to concussion issues.

Sunday night, he made his return at Wrestlemania 34—to the delight of everyone in attendance.

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Bryan, though.

Shortly after entering the arena for a match with Shane McMahon against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, he was blindsided by his opponents.

McMahon initially struggled as he had to go it alone against Zayn and Owens, while Bryan recovered. But he held his own and was able to tag Bryan back in—setting up a triumphant finish. 

Looking fully recovered from his brain injuries—just a couple months removed from serious visits with neurologists about his future as a wrestler—the 36-year-old was victorious.

Great to have you back, Daniel.