Daniel Bryan, who formally retired from wrestling in February 2016 due to concussion issues, has been cleared to return to the WWE, according to CBS Sports' Brian Campbell. Bryan is one of WWE's most popular superstars, but he has not wrestled in three years. The 36-year-old had suffered a brain lesion and was suffering from concussion side effects such as seizures.

However, as CBS reports, outside medical experts—neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, and concussion experts—have cleared Bryan to return to the ring. The WWE's medical director, Dr. Joseph Maroon, has also given Bryan the green light.

Bryan may appear at WrestleMania 34, which will feature Ronda Rousey, in New Orleans April 8.

The WWE has repeatedly teased a potential return for Bryan, who has exhaustively pursued a return. He claims the damage to his brain has healed. He has undergone treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and has campaigned for a return, even going so far as to hint he would leave WWE if the organization would not clear him.

After his "retirement," Bryan became the SmackDown General Manager in July 2016. Bryan, who is married to fellow WWE star Brie Bella​, has also co-hosted the Talking Smack show on the WWE Network. Bella urged Bryan to reveal his seizures to the WWE—he had originally attempted to keep them a secret.

He is a four-time WWE world champion and an officially recognized WWE Legend. Bryan has previously said he would like to implement a less-damaging wrestling style—we certainly hope, for his brain's sake, he will.

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