Ronda Rousey is an excellent fighter and entertainer. As we saw in her recent Ellen appearance, if you get her in the right context, she's a great interviewee, too. ESPN, however, did not get Rousey in the right context Tuesday.

It started with Ronda appearing on Golic & Wingo in the morning, the show that formerly featured Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic as Mike & Mike. Golic asked whether Ronda would consider going back to the UFC in time—in other words, he wanted to know whether she would consider a return down the road. He slightly fumbled with the words, but Rousey clearly misinterpreted the question, and her response was... interesting.

As the caption states, there's no other way to describe this: it's painfully awkward.

Rousey recently said she won't officially retire from the UFC, though she's perfectly happy with her new role in the WWE.

Her awkward ESPN run continued with her appearance on First Take with Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith. Rousey took exception to Kellerman asking her about her reputation hit after her loss to Holly Holm.

This interaction was, again... painfully awkward.

"I experienced a lot of people who quote 'some people' that are really just afraid to state their own opinion," Rousey responded to Kellerman.

Kellerman clarified that it wasn't his opinion.

"Well, thank you for your support. I appreciate that," Rousey responded sarcastically. 

Rousey, 31, went 12-2 in the UFC. She will appear in the WWE's upcoming WrestleMania 34.