Tom Brady has proven to be an incredibly competitive guy in the past, and funnily enough, that determination carries over to a lot more than just football. The 40-year-old recently stopped by The Late Show to talk with Stephen Colbert about how his new book and how it feels to lose a Super Bowl, among other topics. But more interestingly, Brady was challenged to a beer-chugging contest.

While discussing his ridiculously strict TB12 diet and training, Colbert asked Brady what junk foods he avoids to stay in shape. After responding that he stays away from burgers, pizza, and beer, Brady mentioned that he was a "pretty good beer chugger back in the day," just as Colbert brought two glasses of beer from below his desk. Brady seems like one to never back down from a challenge, diets be damned, so he agreed to Colbert's. 

Unsurprisingly, Brady defeated Colbert, even if he did leave a little behind, much to his own disappointment. 

As for losing the Super Bowl, Brady joked that the easiest way to cope with losing is to cry. "Actually, when you wake up the next morning, it's, like, 'Was that a nightmare?' No, please, we can play this game again," he told Colbert.