Tiger Woods trended on Twitter Saturday because some people think he's returned to form. It looked true for a hot second.

Though he hasn’t won a PGA Tour event since the summer of 2013, it looks like chances are in his favor for 2018. On Saturday, for a time, Woods was tied for first place at the Valspar Championship. This was the first time he's held the lead since 2015. This might feel like a time warp for Woods, who has won 79 official PGA Tour events throughout the course of his career.

Woods didn't pull away from the pack nor did he hold on to the top spot. Instead, he slipped into second place behind Canada’s Corey Conners at the time of pubication. But for a short time, there was hope that the GOAT was back. Here are some examples of the excitement.

Are we so excited about Tiger Woods being in the mix again because his absence has made us appreciate just how good we had it for all of those years? Watching Tiger do his thing wasn’t just fun, it was a way of life.. and apparently it still is!!

— Nick Dougherty (@NickDougherty5) March 10, 2018

The only people on the PLANET I am legitimately happy to see make golf shots are Tiger Woods and myself.

— Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark) March 10, 2018

Tiger Woods fans right now. pic.twitter.com/Nf9dj4N5K2

— BarDown (@BarDown) March 10, 2018

Tiger out here saving golf again

— scott vener (@brokemogul) March 10, 2018

SUPER DUPER FACTS https://t.co/vZHxyVQg7A

— Peter Rosenberg (@Rosenbergradio) March 10, 2018


— Schmud Lee (@DilliyDilly) March 10, 2018