Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stopped by the Staples Center recently, where he delivered a pep talk to the Los Angeles Lakers prior to a 112-103 win over the Nuggets:

With less than a month to play this season, the Lakers are eight games out of playoff spot, essentially rendering the win meaningless. But, according to The Rock himself, the future is bright for Lakers Nation. Johnson believes the team has the desire to be great after he saw a room full of "hungry eyes" while trying to motivate the young squad. The wrestler-turned-movie-star took to Instagram to break it all down. 

I feel like @kevinhart4real.
I saw lots of hungry eyes during my pre game talk with the LAKERS.
Thank you @lakers ownership and coaching staff for the invite to speak to the players.
We’re all hungry to win.
But the key to long term impactful success - is never being full.
Stay focused & hungry boys and I’ll see ya down the road.
#HardestWorkerInTheRoom#AndTheShortestDudeInTheRoom#PreGame #LAKERS

The Lakers are 20-11 in their last 31 games, following a 9-game losing skid that stretched across two weeks in December and January. Johnson—who broke the monotony of his usual stream of motivational gym shots to shout-out the team on IG—caught them at a high point. And by the looks of it, there may be many more high points on the way, especially if rumors a very specific rumor is true and they sign this guy