Blues Clues—a children's TV staple in mid '90s and early aughts—is poised for a comeback. Though the new iteration's host is still undecided, it's been reported that John Cena auditioned for the role. It's not yet clear whether or not this is a joke:

Regardless the original host, Steve Burns, would apparently like his job back. And he's willing to get severely pummeled by Cena to do so, as he told TMZ he's willing to wrestle The Champ to take back the gig he held down for seven years:

Not one to miss an easy opportunity, Nickelodeon's Twitter said they'd get a polo for both:

It was first reported last week that Nickelodeon will be bringing the '90s favorite back, and that the network opened auditions for a host of the reboot. Cool, cool.

Anyways, take him up on this offer Cena. An attitude adjustment seems long overdue.