The "where is LeBron James going to sign this offseason?" drama is in full effect. No one—including LeBron himself—seems to know. Barring the emergence of a dark horse, it seems the leading contenders are: stay in Cleveland or sign with the Lakers, Rockets, or 76ers.

People are pulling out all the stops to recruit the best player alive. One Philadelphia company even bought billboards near the Cavs' arena in Cleveland that urged LeBron to sign with the Sixers.

A rumor recently surfaced that LeBron visited high schools in Philadelphia for his son over All-Star Break. The rumor was quickly shot down. You really think LeBron would do that in this social-media age? He's got people for that type of task.

However, a reporter asked LeBron whether he visited any high schools in Pennsylvania, and if so, why. His response was hilarious.

He seemed genuinely perplexed about why she asked that question. "What are you talking about?" he said, laughing. "No. Over the All-Star break, no. I was on vacation and then went to Los Angeles (where James played in the All-Star Game and won MVP)."

James' odds of staying in Cleveland have almost certainly increased since Koby Altman, and the Cavs' front office pulled off a flurry of moves at the trade deadline, completely overhauling the roster. He has seemed revitalized since the roster changed.