Shaquille O'Neal can do pretty much anything he wants at this point in his life, moving from one project to another with almost reckless abandon. His latest venture, though, might be one of his strangest yet. Billboard reports Shaq will be starting a "carnival-style" EDM festival in Miami called Shaq's Fun House. 

Scheduled to take place on March 24, the one-night event is set to feature a multitude of EDM DJs, "over-the-top" carnival attractions, and a cabaret show. The location of the venue hosting the event has yet to be announced, but it's invite-only, anyway. Considering that Shaq has DJed in the past, it's not the most shocking of announcements, but it's still pretty out there.

"Despite all the problems that are going on in the world, there are two [things] that’ll bring people together: it’s sports and music," Shaq told Billboard. He promises the festival will feature "flamethrowers, people swinging from ceilings, a lot of costumes. We want this to be very different than any other festival." Shaq's Fun House is expected to run from 2 a.m. until sunrise, and he'll perform as DJ Diesel at the event.

Shaq explained to Billboard that he got the idea for the event after he performed at a previous EDM festival called TomorrowWorld, which took place in Atlanta back in 2015. "I like to read the crowd and see what they like, but I want to hit them with that base, edgy trap. I like all types of music. I’m mixture of AoB and Skrillex," he added. "That’s my alias, the black AoB-Skrillex."

Hopefully Shaq is a better DJ than he is a rapper.