A year ago Thursday a sculptor named Emanuel Santos unveiled a bust that was supposed to be Cristiano Ronaldo, but was in actuality Sloth from The Goonies. Seriously, though I'm unfamiliar with Santos' resume, I would venture to guess this isn't his best work: 

A year later Bleacher Report did an in-depth write-up on Santos, whose offering unfortunately became fodder for internet mockery (not that that's really that hard or anything). Also, SNL ripped on it:

In that Bleacher Report piece Santos and his wife, Armanda Gouveia, became emotional when they spoke about the aftermath of the poor showing. "In the silence of night, all of that information was going through my mind, and managing all of that was very hard," the artist said. "I isolated myself. I didn’t feel like speaking to anyone."

While I'll leave that to you to read at your leisure (I mean I'm not kidding when I say it's in-depth), Santos also unveiled a new effort that was considerably less terrible than his previous effort. Check that out:

Wow. Much, much better. Night and day. Now, just got to find a way to swap out the original without anyone noticing and he's golden. Best of luck there.