San Francisco Police were searching for Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith on Monday morning following a domestic violence report. The victim who made the initial call to police, Smith’s fiancé, told officers that the player checked into rehab following the incident, according to TMZ. Shortly after the news broke, the Raiders released Smith. The now-former Raiders player was on the suspended list and was set to become a free agent later this month. 

Smith’s fiancé confirmed with TMZ that she did call the police to file a report on Saturday for an assault, but expressed that she was primarily concerned about Smith’s substance abuse. After talking with police, the woman said Smith called her parents and his soon-to-be in laws took him to rehab. "I can tell you this … Aldon called my parents and asked them to take him to rehab,” she told TMZ. “He complied. They went and got him. I was not there. My family took him and had him checked in.'

TMZ did not reveal the name of Smith’s fiancé, but Larry Brown Sports points out that reports indicate Smith proposed to his girlfriend Shawna McKnight about a week ago, after the two had dated for four months. "I wish the best for Aldon. And I’m scared for his life with his addiction. I cannot comment on the altercation but I can tell you I love him and (am) so happy he turned to my family who considers him family and hopefully he gets the help he truly needs," she told TMZ.

The police report from Saturday says that Smith bit his fiancé’s wrists and then climbed out of a window to flee the scene in his vehicle. The linebacker missed the 2016 and 2017 seasons, according to Larry Brown Sports, after violating the NFL’s policy regarding substance abuse.