Part one of a two-part documentary series on Oxygen about Aaron Hernandez,  appropriately titled Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, aired on Saturday. What started off as a frustratingly slow summary of Hernandez's past, which appeared to hit a downfall during his teenage years, slowly built up to what is sure to be an exciting part two, airing on Sunday. 

The ex-Patriot seemingly led a double life as an NFL-star with an intense dark side. The first part of the series featured his former lawyer,  fiancée, and ex-teammates, who shared their points of view on Hernandez. Hernandez committed suicide in his jail cell in 2017 while he was serving a life sentence for killing Odin Lloyd in 2013. Hernandez hung himself with a bedsheet.

By the end of part one, there were still a handful of loose ends that will hopefully be tied in part two: what concrete evidence proves that Hernandez pulled the trigger that killed Lloyd? Why was his fiance so committed to his defense? Did Hernandez actually have motive to kill Lloyd? Or was Hernandez simply trying to hide that he was gay?

There were, though, a few snippets of information we can begin to piece together from part one. Below were a few things that we learned from watching the first part of the documentary.