Well, this is different. The girlfriend of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft just had a baby. Naturally, many thought that Kraft is the father, but a spokesperson for him just clarified that's not the case.

Although the two have been together for almost six years, the 76-year-old's girlfriend, actress Ricki Lander, had a baby with someone else. "Last fall, Ricki Noel Lander became the proud mother of a beautiful, healthy baby," said the spokesperson to People. "While Robert Kraft is not the biological father, he is thrilled with Ricki’s blessing of having a healthy child. With respect to her family’s privacy, we will not be commenting any further."

The couple, who are still together, started dating in 2012. Before their relationship, Kraft was married to the late Myra Kraft, who died from cancer in 2011. Together, they have four sons.

After the tragedy of losing his wife, Kraft spoke about being alone again after 48 years of marriage.

"I sort of feel robbed," Kraft told the Boston Globe in 2013. "I try to stay very busy, I basically work seven days a week. I try to do new things, to meet new people."

As for his then 32-year-old girlfriend, it seems that he's not listening to any naysayer's opinions on his relationship. "I tell you, I would never sit in judgment of anyone, as long as they’re good folks. I would never judge their life because it’s important to know their feelings," he said to Globe.

To each's his (or her's) own, right?