Nevada head coach Eric Musselman was understandably pumped Friday night. His team had rallied from a 14-point deficit to defeat 10th-seeded Longhorns 87-83 in overtime, marking the Wolfpack’s first NCAA Tournament win since 2007.

Immediately after the upset victory, the TBS camera crew followed Nevada into the locker room to capture the celebratory moments. But they probably weren’t expecting the barrage of F-bombs in Musselman’s postgame speech.

“Fuck yeah! Listen, this shit gotta feel fucking good! What a fucking game, man," the coach said on live TV. “Down the whole game. We didn't play good, we didn't play good, you guys just kept hanging around.”

After it was clear that the profanity wasn’t going to stop, the cameras cut to sportscaster Greg Gumbel, who apologized for the “colorful language by the overly excited coach […] but it was a heck of a basketball game.”

Musselman also apologized for his profanity during the postgame press conference.

“First of all, we’d like to apologize for any language that might have been caught on TV,” he said, according to ESPN. “Obviously, we had an excited locker room. We apologize for that.”

Nevada is now gearing up to take on Cincinnati this Sunday in round two.