The Grizzlies’ game against the Hornets on Thursday night was a joke. No, really, it was. After Memphis lost to Charlotte by 61 points, "joke" is the first word that came to mind for most people.

It wasn’t like a ha-ha joke, though. Orrrrr, was it?

You would think that NBA players would be absolutely humiliated after nearly getting doubled up in a game. The Grizzlies’ loss was actually the sixth-worst loss in NBA history, which led to this Grizzlies’ site giving every single player on the entire roster an F- as a grade for the game (the bench even managed to get an F- -, for what it’s worth).

But apparently, some Grizzlies players weren’t that worried up about taking a historically bad L while dropping to a league-worst 19-53. Memphis beat writer Ronald Tillery of the Commercial Appeal was in the team’s locker room after the game, and he noticed something peculiar taking place. Despite the ridiculously lopsided loss, there were actually a few Grizzlies players laughing and joking around with one another.

We should point out that it doesn’t appear as though Marc Gasol, who didn’t play during the game, or Mike Conley, who has spent most of the season on the sideline with an injury, were in the locker room when this went down. We should also point out that some Grizzlies fans couldn’t care less about Tillery’s report. They’re actually glad to see the Grizzlies going down night after night because it means the team will likely get a better pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

But the majority of NBA fans were stunned to hear about how the Grizzlies players reacted to getting shellacked by Charlotte. Scroll down to see what we mean.