The Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers faced off on Tuesday night in an exciting match-up between two of the NBA's best centers. Joel Embiid and Myles Turner have each proved themselves to be promising young players, and have performed well over the course of the season. But we're now learning that Turner wishes Embiid would step things up a little when the pair take the court.

"I always have fun playing against Joel, because he’s so versatile and does a lot of great things. I hope he’s listening. He needs to stop flopping. It’s just annoying man," Turner said in an interview with The Indianapolis StarTurner led the Pacers to a 101-98 victory over the Sixers that night, and despite Embiid playing a fierce game, with 29 points and 12 rebounds overall, Turner still decided to send some playful jabs his way.

Even Pacers Coach Nick McMillan admitted that Embiid is "one of the most powerful centers in the league" and the intensity of this particular game contributed to the healthy rivalry the two centers have developed. In the end, though, it was Turner's dunk as Embiid clung to him, and a follow-up layup that gave him that extra edge on Embiid's performance.

This game marks a completed 40 games for the Pacers with 14 left, and Turner, along with his team, have asserted themselves as a dominant force in the NBA.