The life of a mascot is hard. The suit is heavy, it's hot, you're afforded a complete lack of respect from 6- and 46-year-olds alike, and though you can claim to be an "actor" on your resumé, nobody's really buying that BS.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Met has to put up with all this, although on Tuesday he was also called out by the Rock, who invoked his name while welcoming back potential Cy Young candidate Noah Syndergaard from a torn lat muscle that robbed him of most of his 2017 season. In the tweet, the Rock compared Mr. Met to Kevin Hart, but not in the most flattering way:

For those wondering, those well wishes were preceded by Syndergaard posting this Rock GIF. So it all ties together:

Anyway, Mr. Met responded to Mr. Dwayne Johnson in what appears to be (judging by those hashtags) a threat to beat his ass. That's my interpretation:

Syndergaard also got a final word in with some catchphrases that were very popular in middle schools nationwide circa 2001 or so:

Damn. Not sure who I'm rooting for here. The '90s wrestling fan in me has always backed the Rock, but for some reason I'm also identifying hard with a mascot's total lack of dignity at the moment.

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