On Monday, ESPN's Max Kellerman came out with some strong words for Michigan State, saying specifically that their basketball coach of the past 23 years (Tom Izzo) should leave the program, and also that the school should undoubtedly receive the NCAA death penalty, presumably for their much-publicized scandals that have made headlines over the past few months.

The conversation started off as a relatively innocuous one (at least in comparison to Kellerman's take) which was about Izzo's job security after a third straight early exit for the Spartans in the NCAA tournament. After Stephen A. Smith made his argument, Kellerman laid out his enthusiastic two cents.

"If I were Tom Izzo, I'd be thinking about going," he said. "Michigan State deserved and should presently have the death penalty. Obviously. Duh! And if Tom Izzo is not culpable for anything that went on there, and by the way he should starting talking now [that] the tournament's over, but if he's not—and I don't have any reason to believe he is—he should not want to be associated with that institution right now."

Both Stephen A. and Seth Greenberg disagreed, which is the name of debate shows but their difference of opinion appeared to be absolutely genuine. Sounds like you missed nothing by going to work today! Check out Kellerman in his own words above.